Monday, May 7, 2012

Not Your Average Watch: Dick Tracy Meets Crowdsource VC Funding

Eric Migicovsky's recent invention, the Pebble, is a watch that displays data from a smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.  Users can use the Pebble to read emails, text messages, and interact with Apps straight from the watch on their wrist all while their phone remains in their pocket.  This is part of the natural evolution of wearable computers.  What is even more unique about the Pebble is how its development was funded.  Instead of being funded by a traditional technology VC, the Pebble received money from a crowdsource VC funding (a.k.a. crowd funding) web site called Kickstarter.  Entrepreneurs post their ideas on the site and individuals contribute money to the project.  The Pebble is Kickstarter's most successful project to date, and another example of how entrepreneurship and new business models are emerging in the digitally enabled business world.

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