Monday, May 7, 2012

Big Data: Little Talent

The subject of this article should be absolutely no surprise to anyone...analysts are predicting a talent shortage for people with skill sets in Big Data, namely data scientists.  Well duh!  This is a cyclical problem in the technology industry.  A new technology emerges and shortly thereafter a shortage of people with those skills emerges.  The article cites IBM's need for Cobol programmers as one of the first tech labor shortages.  But there are many other examples: web designers/programmers and J2EE developers in the .COM era, and more recently SharePoint experts, App developers, and SEO architects.  Right now there are too few data scientists in the market at a time when their skills are in high demand with the rise of advanced analytics.  Companies are looking for people that can apply mathematical models to data sets and distill insights from the results, but finding that there are few to be had.  It will take a couple years before the supply catches up to the demand, until then look for data scientists to be well compensated and treated well.

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