Monday, April 16, 2012

You've Got (no) Mail: A Zero Email Policy

As a follow-up to a previous article about Volkswagen's after-hours email moratorium, French IT company Atos is going one step further-  they are banning email altogether.  Atos's goal, over the next 18 months, is to eliminate the use of email by its 74,000 employees, no trivial task. While this goal might seem somewhat extreme, it does have some merit.  Atos estimates that each employee receives an average of 200 emails a day of which only 10 percent are really useful.  The firm's move from an email platform to an instant messaging based tool-set raises a number of questions and issues, but it is certainly a bold step toward reducing the over-reliance on email, which clutters lives and arguably diminishes workplace productivity.

Read the article.

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