Monday, April 16, 2012

You Get What You Pay For: Free Apps Aren't Quite so Free

Ever wonder why your smartphone can hardly make it through the day without being recharged?  Abhinav Pathak, a computer scientist at Purdue University, set out to discover what consumes all that smartphone battery power.  The results are stunning - it turns out those "free Apps," such as Angry Birds, New York Times, and Facebook consume more battery power than other Apps.  The reason:  these Apps consume a lot of overhead serving up ads.  Pathak found that once  these Apps were opened, the Apps were continually sending the user's geo-location data back and forth to the server in order to provide location-aware advertisements.  For example, when running Angry Birds, only 20 percent of the total consumed energy was used to run the game, the rest was overhead spent sending ad and user data to and from the server.  Maybe free is not always free.

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  1. In a way this is true but still people thinks it to be free because they don't looks for such things in such deep. They just enjoys the app thinking it to free without taking anything else into consideration.


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