Friday, March 16, 2012

No Email For You (after hours)

Volkswagen is bucking the trend when it comes to work-based communication.  The company turns off their Blackberry servers after hours to ensure employees have a better work-life balance.  This practice is a shift away from the norm of 24X7 connectivity, but it certainly has its merits.  According to the article emails stop 30 minutes after a shift ending and start 30 minutes prior to a shift beginning.  Apparently, the rule does not apply to senior management.  There are a number of cultural, legal, and business factors that go into a decision like this, so it may not be the right one for all (or even any other) companies, but it is an interesting decision that deserves a closer look.

Read the article.


  1. it's after-hours and I am reading my email and the Tech always great articles and stories! should we try to switch of the emails ? I don't think that it is in our DNA, but in general we respect everyone's weekend/time-off ... and if you really don't want to be bothered simply use the red "off" button on your phone ;-)

  2. Thank you. Yes there is always the "off" button, but it seems as though people have become addicted to the technology. My prediction is that in the upcoming years we will find that email, social networking, and smartphones (amongst other technologies) are like addictions and need to be treated as such.


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