Friday, March 16, 2012

Is Google+ a Bust?

Based on pure metrics, it appears so.  Google+ only has 100 million users that spend a couple minutes per month on the site compared to Facebook's 850 million users who are logged in for nearly eight hours per month.  To be fair, Google+ has only been around for six months, but usage seems to have already plateaued.  However, according to this article and tech evangelist Guy Kawasaki, Google+ may be a longer-term play and comparing it to other social networks may be a little misleading.  Google+ is more of a social layer that is applied to the various Google products, making it a very different value proposition;  Google+ is a collection of activity done on various Google sites, instead of a site that people connect to like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  In this way, even though short-term success has been limited, there may be significant long-term success to come.

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  1. I don't think that 100 million users for such an short period is a bad thing for Google+. Facebook has always been taking over in the public networking business but the quickly improving inhabitants of Google+ is a serious obstacle to Facebook.


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