Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NoSQL, No Kidding: Amazon Launches Updated Cloud Service

Amazon recently announced an updated offering to its suite of online suite of cloud based data solutions.  DynamoDB, an upgrade to their previous SimpleDB offering, is a NoSQL database.  NoSQL databases (previously described here) forgo the rigid structure and cleansing of relational databases, instead opting to make use of increasingly available clustered processing and memory capability to do real time analysis on unstructured data.  Amazon, Google, Facebook and others have been doing this for years as they used these techniques to optimize their operations.  What is quite interesting about the Amazon DynamoDB service is it runs completely on solid state drives (SSDs), which produce significantly faster response times than traditional spinning hard disks.  Anybody that has priced SSDs lately knows this must have cost a fortune to buy a cloud size set of these drives.

Read the article.

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