Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Fastest Version of Windows...Runs on an iPad

In what can only described as the ultimate convergence of cloud computing and mobile device usage, look no further than OnLive Desktop.  It is a small iPad App that let's your run a standard Windows 7 desktop, with the full version of Office right through your iPad.  There is no booting up, license installation, patching, or even blue screen of death.  Simply open the App and start using your Windows desktop, complete with touch gestures.  The article describes opening a Word document in 1 second. 

Underlying this technical marvel is a massive cloud infrastructure connected with a 1-gigabit network connection.  There is an optimization tool running in the background that streams only the necessary data to the iPad, thus ensuring the fastest user experience possible.  There are some drawbacks, as with any cutting edge tool.  There is no Control Panel for making adjustments to the operating environment and transferring files requires a regular PC.  Also, one has to question the soundness of the business model, the outlay of cash to set this up and operate this must be substantial.  It appears OnLive is not funded by Microsoft, so it will be interesting to see their reaction to a product offering that cuts right to the heart of their core business.

Drawbacks and business model constraints aside, a free (or pro) version of fully functioning, speedy, hassle free Windows that runs on an iPad is a pretty compelling offer.  More importantly this is a sign of trends to come, especially in the PC market, where one can access massive computing power in the cloud using a small lightweight device.

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