Sunday, July 17, 2011

Abandon Ship: App Developer Jumps Blackberry Ship

RIM, maker of the Blackberry and once undisputed leader of the smartphone industry, has completely botched the transition to the world of Apps.  Apple and Google, in the course of three plus years have not only eviscerated RIM's lead, but they have redefined the future of smartphones.  The relevance of a phone today is measured by the number of Apps available, the quality of its Appstore, and what platform developers are attracted to.  RIM not only fails badly in all three categories, but they are rarely even included in the App related discussions.  On top of that, Seesmic, developer of a popular Twitter App is discontinuing its development on the Blackberry platform, citing major changes in the operating system (requiring Apps to be redeveloped), delayed delivery, and lower sales.  The reality is only three smartphons brands are going to be relevant ongoing, Apple and Google have secured the first two spots.  That leaves RIM, Microsoft, and HP (Palm) to fight it out for the third spot.  If more App developers start abandoning the Blackberry platform then RIM is going to be in worse trouble than they already are.

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  1. Could this have anything to do with the other 'better' Twitter apps available for the BlackBerry? I for one certainly won't miss it on my Torch or PlayBook.

  2. Possible, but developers develop where there is money to be made. Today that is the iTunes and (increasingly) the Droid App stores. The RIM platform is not being profitable for developers. Considering RIM is changing the underlying OS for the BB that will make development even less profitable. One developer jumping ship is not a big deal, you are correct nobody will miss a single Twitter App, but if more leave then it will spell trouble.

  3. BlackBerry has left RIM at disadvantage and that's why they are shifting to Android and iOS devices. RIM is definitely in trouble yet but choosing the right platform can still make them to gain their position back.


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