Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rating Consumer Product Ingredients

GoodGuide, the perfect example of technology, transparency, and doing good for the world.  This recent startup analyzes and rates the ingredients in consumer products.  Want to know if the sunscreen you are using contains toxic chemicals, check out GoodGuide (website or App).  Want to know if the toy your kid is playing with is safe, check out GoodGuide.  While this seems like the traditional activist vs. business narrative, CPG product makers can use this as an opportunity to highlight their product ingredients and get social networking credibility.  Moreover, GoodGuide is selling custom feeds of ratings to procurement departments that have environmental and societal purchasing requirements.  The potential for where GoodGuide can go are seemingly limitless (think crowdsourcing, supplier ratings, certifications). Interestingly they are a "B Corporation" with Silicon Valley funding, not the traditional non-profit.  This gives them a better chance of long term sustainability.

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  1. How about including the GoodGuide rating as a criterion in the RFP/sourcing/procurement process, when you are looking for new suppliers of a product? So for example, RFPs that are sent to potential suppliers of household cleaners or apparel, would have to include their GoodGuide rating. If they haven't got a GoodGuide rating, they get marked down, if they have, they score higher. This would be one small step to incorporating sustainability into the supply chain and signalling to suppliers that sustainable procurement is really important.


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