Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dealing with Large Scale Databases- New Open Source Solutions

Infobright, Ingres, and Jaspersoft released new open source large scale data analytics platforms this week.   Infobright's Analytic Database, designed to process large sets of auto-generated data (e.g. sensors, network appliances, etc...), features two innovative tools.  First is "Domain Expert" that extends the meta-data surrounding data sets allowing for faster processing.  Second is "Rough Query" that allows users to quickly scan through gigantic data sets to narrow down results before writing queries.  Meanwhile Ingres (database) and Jaspersoft (BI tools) combined their products to create "VectorWise" an integrated database and BI platform.

These vendors, along with EMC's recent Greenplum announcements, demonstrate the innovation occurring in the analytics software space.  All of these products are designed specifically to handle the processing of large scale databases and when required are built from the ground up to solve a specific problem.  This is something commercial vendors and products do not have the ability to do.  By making these products open source it allows developers and communities to incubate the tools to meet technical not financial requirements.  Do not be fooled by the "open source" moniker either.  Open source usually implies low cost, little support, but used properly open source can equal high efficiency.

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