Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Future of Procurement Systems: Games and Social Media

Who says procurement has to be boring?  In today's business world procurement is benefitting from new strategies, techniques and recognition in many enterprises.  Looking ahead, this article predicts that the future of purchasing will heavily leverage social and gaming networks, as well as augmented reality.  The author cites the biggest change driver as the younger technology aware workforce (Millennials, Generation Y, etc...).  While millennial theme has been overdone in recent years, the author does make good points about how collaborative and sharing collective knowledge within purchasing organizations can be enhanced by use of these new technologies.  While the purchasing technology is not going to become cell phone, social networked, and virtual world based overnight, it is nice to see a cutting edge vision or procurement technology that has nothing to do with SAP, Oracle, or Ariba.

Read the article.

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