Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dropbox Dropped the Security Ball

Dropbox is a cloud based storage system, used by upwards of 25 million people.  Unfortunately for those users Dropbox made a code update Sunday night that accidentally removed the system's password protection.  This left all 25 million accounts completely unprotected for 4 hours, allowing anyone to access anyone's Dropbox account.  This is a reminder of how vulnerable users are to cloud based solutions.  By using a cloud solution, whether for files, music, photos or whatever else, users are ceding total control over their data to the company running said service.  This can bring benefits, but as was the case here, this can bring significant risk.  Dropbox should (and will likely) be roasted for this gaffe, but if this trend of cloud adoption continues combined with service provider errors, look for some measure of governmental regulation.

Read the article.

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