Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vast Fields of Green(plum) Data

Data, data, data, the future is all about data; data processing, data cleansing, data visualization, so on and so forth. However, what is often missing from the discussion is a clear articulation of the tools.  How are users going to publish all this data?  Excel? Access? Sql Server? Oracle?  More importantly, with the explosion of data, are these the right tools to be using for large sets of data?  EMC, the leader in storage solutions, has introduced a free new database software called Greenplum.  Greenplum uses massively parallel processing technology (MPP) software, which is architected and optimized for processing of large data sets.  Not only is the database free, but it includes free analytic algorithms and data mining tools.  Of course one may wonder why EMC is doing this, well they are betting that with bigger data sets, companies will require (yes you guessed it) more storage, which they are happy to provide.  More importantly, this is another example of how the cost is being driven out of IT and at the same time enabling a new user base.

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(Submitted by Bharath)

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