Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amazon's Cloud- Not so Fault Tolerant

With all the hype and excitement around cloud computing, companies have been moving their operations to Amazon's cloud computing environment with reckless abandon.  The operating word is "reckless."  Most of these early adopters were burned by abandoning the principles of successful IT in lieu of cost savings and speed.  Amazon's cloud solution is great for many things, but fault tolerance and SLAs are not two of them.  As users found out, with the recent 4 day outage, Amazon's architecture is not designed for failure.  Oh and in case of failure do not expect to get compensation.  Ultimately this is a minor bump in the road of cloud adoption, but it should serve as a stark reminder that due diligence and business planning cycles need to accompany the adoption of new technology no matter how cool or cheap it is.

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