Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rotten Apple: What Not to do in IT Procurement

Taking kickbacks from a supplier is both against the law and a party foul.  This article describes how Paul Shin Devine a global supply manager at Apple pleaded criminals charges of fraud and selling company secrets to suppliers.  What is more shocking about this story is the stupidity of Mr. Devine.  Of all the companies to steal secrets from, Apple is the last company one would want to do that to.  Apple regularly sues its most ardent customers (you read that right, suing its own customers) for revealing secrets.  Or maybe Mr. Devine forgot the iPhone 4 incident last year in which Apple used police officers to a Gizmodo (online tech journal) editor's home to retrieve a stolen iPhone 4 prototype.  Taking kickbacks in procurement is bad, doing it while working at just stupid.

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