Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Full Power of the iPad Unleased - Enterprise Apps

We all know the iPad is the best technological invention since...well ever. Okay maybe not ever, but certainly since the advent of electricity, telephone, and the Internet. Anyway, the list of features is impressive (long battery life, large display, ease of use, etc, etc, and thousands of Apps). However, the knock is that the iPad is only popular with the consumer market. That myth is about to be debunked, and quickly. This article discusses how enterprise Apps for the iPad (and eventually Droid) will become extremely popular and valuable to Enterprise IT by the end of 2011. The article cites examples of remote desktop (Citrix and GoToMyPC) and collaboration ( Apps. Combine that with the BI Apps (previously noted here) and it is clear that the iPad is a game changer.  Welcome to the future.

Read the article.

(submitted by Bharath)

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