Thursday, March 10, 2011

Apps and Analytics: Go Together like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Two things we love around here are Apps and Analytics (okay we love chocolate and peanut butter too).  Since the unveiling of the first iPad, analytics vendors have been moving at warp speed to take advantage of this new platform.  This article describes the SAS Institute's partnership with App vendor Mellmo (makers of Roambi) to bring SAP to Apple's iPad and iPhone.  Mellmo already has done work for IBM, SAP,, Microsoft, and Oracle.  Basically there are (were) two barriers to wide-scale adoption of mobile BI, usability and security.  The iPad, and to a lesser degree the iPhone, eliminated the usability issues.  No doubt the security issues will work themselves out in due course.  Net, net it is time to jump on the mobile BI train because it is leaving the station.

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(submitted by Bharath)

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