Saturday, December 4, 2010

Redefining Books

There is little doubt the book publishing industry is in complete upheaval, the result of dramatic changes in technology. However, it is not all bad news and in many ways, like everything else, it is going through an evolution that will bring to market changes that are just different. A case in point is this article that describes the new novel. Neal Stephenson's new novel is a dynamic digital book that includes video, imagery, music, background text all embedded in the story line. Of course it is also connected to social media, which allows readers to interact and connect with their friends about the book. This will undoubtedly become a trend to follow in the future as more publishers follow this model.

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Booz Allen Hamilton Knowledge Sharing Success

This article describes the how one consulting firm's new portal and KM initiative have improved knowledge sharing within their consulting organization. Perhaps the most telling piece is the following quote, "It's cut down tremendously on what Smith calls the 'do you know' e-mails, blanket messages sent out to try to determine which colleagues can help solve a problem." Nice to know other companies have that same problem. The article provides other insights into the firm's success.

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Oracle 1 SAP 0

Chalk one up for Oracle in their ongoing battle against SAP for dominance of the business software market. A judge just ordered SAP to pay Oracle 1.3 billion dollars in damages resulting from the illegal downloading of Oracle software, unpaid licensing, and stealing of customers by TomorrowNow, a division of SAP that is no longer operating. This shows that even the most advanced and successful companies in the world can still act like children.

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Mobile Business Intelligence

Check out the latest Aberdeen report on Mobile BI tools. Undoubtedly mobile BI represents one of the huge potentials of tablet computing. As usual, Aberdeen does a fantastic job setting the context and analysis for this rapidly expanding market. Definitely worth a read.

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New Microsoft Data Visualization Tool Released

In case you missed it recently, Microsoft released its new data visualization tool PivotViewer. This tool presents large amounts of data quickly and easily in a web browser. In contrast to most data visualization tools PivotView allows the user to navigate, view, and adjust the view based on the data presented not controls or menus. This is a very clever way to approach data visualization and undoubtedly (or at least hopefully) lead to more products like this.

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Microsoft's Future Just Left the Building

Computing pioneer Ray Ozzie was brought in to Microsoft to drive and spur innovation into the software monolith. Ozzie was brought in as Chief Software architect to help fill the gap left by Bill Gate's departure. He was tasked with pushing cloud, mobile, and network based software development to compete with Apple and Google. Unfortunately his efforts appear to have been stymied by a company that is too big and too entrenched to adequately make use of Ozzie's talents. Microsoft better do something quick because they are quickly becoming irrelevant to modern computing. I think now is a good time to take bets on whether Bill Gates will make a Steve Jobsesque return to the company he founded.

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U.S. Government Trims Data Center Fat

This article describes the U.S. government's plans to consolidate data centers from 1,100 down to a number that is more manageable. The plan is still being developed and is due Dec. 31, 2010 so that work can commence in 2011. Naturally the benefits will be cost savings, increased security, and sustainability. Fortunately this is an initiative that both parties can agree on.

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iTunes Charge Scam

For all the innovation and excitement about Apps and mobile devices there is a downside, fraud. Scammers have been working hard to exploit the iTunes system through fake phishing email messages that trick users into giving their credentials. Once these scammers have account credentials they purchase hundreds of dollars in iTunes gift cards and then auction them off. While phishing has been a menace to the web for years, it is notable here b/c Apple seems unable to stop this and left unchecked this could really dampen the enthusiasm for all things App. Incidentally there are equally menacing issues for the Droid Apps as well, so this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Charlie Rose Discusses Disruptive Technology

This video features Charlie Rose interviewing of John Doer, a partner at the VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Doer talks about how we are on the cusp of a 3rd great wave of innovation. The first wave being the microchip and personal computer. The second wave was the Internet and web browser. The third wave, as he describes it, is mobile, social, and new kinds of commerce. Doer is a compelling figure because as a Silicon Valley VC executive he has been involved with many of these breakthrough technologies at their inception. Most notably he talks about the 100 million dollar iFund they sponsored to spur innovation for the development of Apps. It is a 30 minute video, but well worth the watch.

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Holographic Data Visualization

This video show the most innovative data visualization presentation ever. You will be completely mesmerized by it. Professor Hans Rosling shows the evolution of economic development across the world for the past 200 years. The content is interesting, but even more stunning is how he does the data visualization, which is displayed as live animated holographic images. This has huge potential for anybody doing presentations about analytics. The cool part starts about 30 seconds in.

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