Friday, September 17, 2010

Mobile Surfing on the Rise

Pew Internet research just published new research on the use of non-voice data applications on cell phones. Usage of these applications has grown tremendously. A fewstatistics that stand out. Cell phone owners are now more likely to use their mobile phones to:
  • Take pictures—76% now do this, up from 66% in April 2009
  • Send or receive text messages—72% vs. 65%
  • Access the internet—38% vs. 25%
  • Play games—34% vs. 27%
  • Send or receive email—34% vs. 25%
  • Record a video—34% vs. 19%
  • Play music—33% vs. 21%
  • Send or receive instant messages—30% vs. 20%
The article also notes that this is not just a millennial trend, people ages 30-49 are increasingly contributing to the rising numbers.

Read the article.

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