Thursday, August 19, 2010

Microsoft's Internal Podcasting Network

This article is a behind the scenes look at Microsoft's internal podcasting network called Academy Mobile. With a workforce of 92,000 employees, keeping everyone trained is a significant effort. However, that effort has been significantly enhanced with the creation of this new network of podcasts. Users are incented by a rewards program for participating in the program either by creating podcasts or interacting with them. The success of the program is measured by number of podcasts created going from 2,000 podcasts created in 2008 to 9,000 in 2010. Correspondingly podcast views went from 100,000 in 2008 to over a million in 2010. Perhaps the most significant piece of this program is that it has been a largely grass roots effort that has seen tremendous success and staying power. The only question unanswered is what devices users use to view these podcasts, presumably it is not the Zune.

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