Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Lonely at the Top: iPad Competitors Are Nowhere to be Found

Once again Apple has redefined a market giving it a key strategic advantage over its competitors. Just like they did with the iPod and iPhone the iPad is in a league all by itself. But what is more shocking is not Apple's success, but rather the inability of other vendors to even enter the game. This article notes that the closest any vendor is to launching a competing product is Winter 2010. By that time Apple will have sold nearly 16 million iPad units and will be on its 2nd release, once again capturing the market. In fact the closest OS competitor is going to be Android, but there are a litany of hardware problems to overcome that will take time work out, as has happened with the Droid phone. Of course Microsoft is not even in the conversation at this point. Could this be an anti-climactic battle? Is the war won before it even started? Let's hope not because competition is good for the end user. This article gives you some ideas of what to expect in the upcoming months.

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