Sunday, July 18, 2010

iPad Contest Closes Friday: Get Your Entries In!

We received some very clever entries so far, but the contest doesn't close until Friday, so keep submitting your entries. Here are a few more iPad articles to spur everyone's creativity.

--> Kraft launches iPad App. Read about Kraft's new App Big Fork Little Spoon, which educates parents and children about healthy eating. This article is a reminder that Apps are great for those that are content providers. Typically content providers are viewed as publishing and media companies, but as this article demonstrates, Apps are a good way for CPG, automotive and other industries to distribute their content. Read the article (submitted by Judi).

--> This article describes how the iPad and the iPhone are boosting creativity. From size and weight to the touch interface, users clearly have responded to the device. The question is, as noted in this article, is can these devices make the leap from consumption device to productivity tool. Read the article (submitted by Hugo).

--> While our contest looks at business uses there are ideas to glean from iPad's usage in other markets. This article describes the appeal of the iPad for seniors and why the device is the first computer many have purchased. Read the article (submitted by Tom). This article examines how Apps and an iPad can entertain kids on those long road trips. Read the article. (Submitted by Tom).

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