Sunday, July 18, 2010

Intel Responds Poorly to Social Media Protest

In yet another example of a company not fully appreciating the impact of how its actions play out in the social media world. Recently a set of protesters setup camp outside of Intel's campus in Hillsboro Oregon. Intel responded by sending security guards out to confront the protesters and of course this exchange ended up on YouTube. Interestingly, the protesters then hijacked the Intel Facebook page by posting dozens of messages about their cause. Intel promptly deleted the posts, causing an even greater flurry of activity that resulted in the reinstatement of the deleted comments and the eventual closing of comments on the Intel Facebook page. Social media is a two edged sword and companies, especially large multi-national companies need to be very careful in how they engage or do not engage the public. Most importantly they need a crisis plan on how to deal with various issues that come up in social media before a formal PR communications plan can be put in place. As with so many things these days, waiting for traditional media takes too long. To be sure, this is not a problem that is going away and it is likely to increase.

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