Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Star Trek Device Comes to Fruition

All those wonderful gadgets imagined by the creators of Star Trek seem to be coming alive. In a previous posting we reported about the portable handheld translator. Now comes the Star Trek wonder scanner, a new portable device that uses laser technology to determine the molecular and chemical structure of an object. In other words a handheld device that tells the user what an object is. A laser in the device reacts with the substance at an atomic level and because almost every substance has its own unique pattern, the substance can be identified. One company, DeltaNu, which is developing and marketing this technology, predicts that within five to ten years, the devices will be available for under $5,000 and will be capable of identifying just about anything. All that’s needed is a vast database of Raman patterns, something that is already underway. Full speed ahead!

(submitted by Judi)

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