Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Orcs, Dwarves, and Gnomes at Work- Gameification of the Corporate Environment

This article explores how multiplayer games and virtual worlds are being considered for use in the corporate environment. Gameification refers to using gaming technology for purposes outside of entertainment. Citing Stanford researcher Dr. Byron Reeves's new book Total Engagement: Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the Way People Work and Businesses Compete, which argues that with global competition employee collaboration is becoming a critical differentiator. Reeve's points out that games such as World of Warcraft and virtual worlds like Second Life can help with "morale, communiction, and alignment all while honing skills like data analysis, teamwork, recruitment, leadership, and more." Even Google CEO Eric Schmidt was recently touting this phenomenon.

For those that track the millennials, the concept of gameification is often cited as one of the key differentiators in their abilities.

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