Monday, March 1, 2010

Purchasing 3.0- How Purchasing Technology is Evolving

Despite the exceedingly cliched title, this is a very interesting article about the current and evolving nature of procurement technology; namely the incorporation of mobile technology, social networking, collaboration technologies, and expanded use of relational database skills. Using the data from a survey conducted, author David Hannon identifies how use of technology areas within procurement are ever expanding. For example, noting the limitations of ERP systems and decreasing help from IT organizations, procurement people are increasingly having to rely on or develop greater skills with relational databases. There is a brief discussion of how social networking and mobile technology are affecting the purchasing organization, but sadly these only briefly describe what people have been doing for several years (i.e. Linked In for jobs and groups). Further, the article highlights the use of Microsoft Project, but fails to address its inherent limitations (lack of visibility). That said SIG's Dawn Evans discusses how they use the Microsoft online communications toolset (SharePoint, Outlook, Communicator). All in all a great article for starting a discussion or debate about procurement technology.

Submitted by Dia Lasisi

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