Sunday, February 21, 2010

Windows Mobile 7 - Microsoft's Latest Attempt to Stay Relevant in the Mobile Game

Just when everyone thought they were down for the count in the mobile device space, Microsoft announces their latest release into the mobile phone skirmish. As everyone is undoubtedly aware Apple and Google are in pitched battle for control/domination of the smartphone market. As the iPhone and subsequently the Android have taken mobile technologies in new, clever, and groundbreaking directions, Microsoft has been quietly sitting on the sidelines. It was hard to tell if they were going to exit altogether or make another play. Turns out they are not done yet. The Windows Mobile 7 announced this week is a rebuilt, reconfigured, and rebranded mobile OS. Unlike previous versions of the Windows Mobile device, this one is geared primarily at the consumer user. This is significant (and potentially dangerous) as Microsoft is synonymous with the corporate market and user. Previous versions of the Windows mobile device tied very nicely into corporate IT systems. Any significant deviation away from that market could spell trouble. However, what should really be concerning for Microsoft is that the new OS will not launch until later this year. That is a near eternity in this fast paced and already overcrowded market. Read the article.

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