Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Socially Acceptable Outlook

While Microsoft's new mobile phone OS is somewhere in the distant future, on a more practical and tangible (and perhaps useful) level, they have developed Outlook Social Connector (OSC) for Office 2010. For now OSC connects Outlook directly to Linked In, but Microsoft has agreements with Facebook, and MySpace to build connectors to both of those sites. Given that news it is only a matter of time before they extend OSC to Twitter as well. This is a huge development. People, especially in the business world, are becoming increasingly dependent on email, which essentially means Outlook. At the same time social networking site usage has been exploding (as has been reported here). So connecting Outlook with social networking sites is where the opportunity is at rather than trying to enter the overcrowded mobile phone market with another half-baked initiative.

Read the article.

(submitted by Mike Chovan)

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