Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reach out and Touch Someone

Vodafone is seeking to cover the world in cell phones. They have unveiled an ultra-cheap cell phone (less than $15) designed to compete in developing countries. Besides the obvious story about gaining mobile market share, the real story here is the power of the cell phone as a computing device. If this cell phone (or others like it) can deliver the more robust computing features such as online banking, surfing the web, and social networking then the mobile device will continue its path towards dominance in the computing market. It is cheap, it is connected, it is extremely useful, and in places lacking major infrastructure it provides a easy way to connect people to technology. Regardless of whether Vodafone is successful the business is there to be had. Hopefully the physical cell networks can handle the traffic if the business proves to be successful. Read the article.

Submitted by Kenneth Rohde

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