Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Missing in Action: Why Apple Skips the Corporate Market

With Apple's propensity to create must-have technology and Microsoft's continual failures it would seem natural for Apple to make a run at the corporate market. Yet Infoworld has an article as to why Apple refuses to do this, which boils down to complexity. The corporate environment has so many issues to navigate it makes developing and supporting it difficult, just ask Microsoft. Instead Apple in content to focus on building the coolest new gadgets and computers for consumers and high-end professionals. Ironically it is this focus that makes Macs all the more attractive to the corporate market. But if we look at the dwindling role of corporate IT (See Previous Post), then perhaps Apple will likely make its way back into the corporate market as an outsider.

Given Apple's success there is no reason for them to stop what they are doing. Besides, they can sit back and watch Google attack Microsoft on the desktop/Office front. Read the Article.

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