Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google Broadband - The empire expands

Is there no business that is safe from Google’s reach? Once again Larry and Sergey are sticking their noses into every possible technology. As if launching a new cell phone, developing an Office suite of tools or trying to buy up the 700mhz spectrum (where analog television was broadcast), was not enough, to say nothing of the video, photo, map, chat, blog, email, and social networking forays, Google is now looking to enter the broadband space. This is not their first attempt at this, they currently offer free WiFi for the city of Mountain View and have been behind sponsoring the broader concept of municipal WiFi. Obviously bandwidth/connectivity to the Internet is a strong play for a company that generates revenue from web traffic. However, this could also be a boom for consumers of high speed Internet access, at least in the U.S. where AT&T and Comcast have a near monopoly in this space offering high prices, low quality, with zero innovation. But no matter how good or exciting this is, one has to step back and seriously question where is Google going with all this and how far is too far?

However this turns out, one thing is irrefutable, Google is no longer simply a search company. The question is are they evil or not? Read the article.

Submitted by Mike Chovan

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