Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Endangered Species- Is Corporate IT Going Extinct?

This article came out last year, but it is worth posting again. The author's main point is that with rapidly changing technology, corporate IT departments have no hope of catching up, much less staying relevant. In other words a person's desktop and personal cell phone are going to be significantly more powerful, useful, and up to date than a corporate IT offering that is designed for mass uniformity rather than personal utility.

The author suggests the novel idea of giving employees a stipend for various resources (computer, cell phone, etc...) and letting them manage it themselves. This may seem counterintuitive given all the effort that has gone into standardizing corporate IT systems and negotiating discount volumes over the last twenty years. However, considering that the consumer/individual market is driving much of the innovation: cloud computing (Google Docs), netbooks, smart phones (iPhone and Android in particular), anything Apple, and of course social media. In fact look around and it is hardware and software vendors are trying to emulate the consumer/individual market (think enterprise 2.0 or even Microsoft's new mobile phone strategy). While there is nothing prescriptive here, this is something that is worthy of ongoing debate and consideration. Read the Article.

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